Finish Line 👩🏾‍🎓🎓✨

So I finally graduated from university!!! What an expensive couple of years it’s been…

This turned out to be one of the most special days of my life, even though I really wasn’t expecting it to be, I actually wanted to go to work that morning. I’m glad I decided to do the ceremony, instead of just ordering my certificate – the look on my cute lil parents faces made my day haha. 


Sending positive study vibes to anyone reading this who is still studying; may as well finish your degrees because you’ll still have that debt to pay lol✨

Time is Flying⏱

The fact that MARCH is around the corner… 2017 is moving way too fast for me. I’ve been so busy adjusting to this new part of my life that it feels great to be able to come back here & just post something✨

Here’s a little summary of what I’ve been upto; I got a new job & started working right after New Years – and I’m loving it so far, despite it being in a field I was rather unfamiliar with. I’ve also FINALLY finished my second degree and graduate in April, and planning a few trips & art/design related projects, so I’m really looking forward to this new season of my life🌍

It’s going to be great year, but with everything going on I need to find a way to ground myself & focus on everything I want to accomplish this year because time waits for no one & I have a whole lot to do.

– Chichi🌱

Things That Surprised me in Hawaii👀🌴

Here are 5 random things I found interesting during my visit to Hawaii

  • People assumed I was Australian due to my accent… I guess the Kiwi and Aussie accents sound similar to everyone else around the world.
  • I’d heard that Hawaiians were friendly but I wasn’t expecting just how generous, happy and helpful that literally every local I spoke to was! If I needed directions, they didn’t just point the way, they’d walk with me wherever I was going and chat with me! They even appreciated my piss poor & embarrassing efforts to say basic Hawaiian phrases and words to them.😅
  • The sheer amount of homeless people from Mainland U.S. living on and around the beaches of Waikiki. It obviously made me sad for them due to the vast amount I met, but I suppose that at least they are living in paradise.
  • No matter how much melanin my skin or any other black or brown people’s skin possess, the sun will fry you. Luckily having grown up in New Zealand where UV levels are extremely high, I brought along my sunscreen.
  • Just how ridiculously popular mai tai’s really are with everyone here. It might just be a tourist thing as most of the people I met who raved about them were tourists. I must be the only person not into these.

– Chichi Nyangoni🌺

Welcome to Hawaii🌴🌺

Aloooha everyone! No one could’ve prepared me for how unbelievably gorgeous Hawaii is and just how much awesome and crazy stuff can happen; even within the tourist destination of Waikiki. At the end of September, my family and I spent a week in Waikiki in Honolulu and I had such an epic time even though it was way too brief. Seriously, just look at these photographs I took… I felt like I was walking through a post card or a screensaver 😂 I’m already saving up to get myself back there again next year!

With only an 8 hour flight to Oahu from Auckland, you’d think the trip would’ve been a pretty easy one. However my two siblings and I ALL FAINTED during our flight!! As our flight was around midnight during the remaining weeks of NZ’s winter, I think we were all a little too layered up and underestimated the heat you feel as you draw closer to the equator! Luckily for us the Hawaiian Airlines crew took such good care of us!!


– Chichi Nyangoni

Missed Opportunities

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Venus Williams vs. Daria Kataskina in Auckland.

Its January 2016 and I’ve started a blog. How unique… I set such minor goals in 2015 but accomplished so much more than I thought possible. So this year I figured, why not actively pursue my goals for 2016 as productively as I can, and they are ridiculously huge. No point having tiny goals right?

I was also sort of inspired by the tennis match I watched in Auckland on the 5th of January, where Venus Williams and Daria Kasatkina battled it out. Growing up, my parents attempted to recreate their own version of the Williams’ sisters, by enrolling my younger sister and I into tennis lessons.

Safe to say that thirteen year old me had other interests. But I still think about what could’ve happened if we kept training. I also think of several other missed opportunities in my life and I don’t think I can continue to let the fear of losing or stop me from chasing the life I need to live. Fair enough, Venus may have lost the match, but her and Serena’s legacies will always be inspirational. I can only dream of leaving such a legacy.

This year I want to travel more and speak my mind more.