Full Moon Woman🌙

Here is a painting I did earlier this year. It’s one of my favourites and now I suddenly feel like painting again. I love painting black women because when I was younger every museum or art gallery I’d visit only portrayed paintings of European women & I always wondered (obviously as a black child) why there weren’t more paintings of PoC let alone women of colour.

Then one summer a couple of years of ago I damaged my knee and found myself stuck indoors during summer in a knee brace. I started painting, A LOT. It was only when I started posting my paintings online and on Instagram did I discover how much people around the world really appreciate my art, which is humbling! 💛

Feel free to look at more of my art on my Instagram 💌

– Chichi Nyangoni ⭐️️

January Girl

This was one of my first paintings of 2016. I started painting at the end of 2014 after having to spend the summer indoors recovering from a severe knee injury. I’ve always loved art and illustration but on one particular night, I found some of my Mum’s unused canvases and paint. She’s always loved painting but never found the time to do it. So I started painting and I painted for the entire summer. I kept painting well after my leg was healed and I realised how much it was such a good creative outlet for everything I feel inside.

Anyways, when I first made an instagram account earlier last year, I was so shocked and grateful for the incredible response to my paintings. I hope to one day have a collection I feel is exhibition worthy, but in the mean time I think I’ll sell a few as I’m running out of space! Feel free to check out more of my art on the gram: