Things That Surprised me in Hawaii👀🌴

Here are 5 random things I found interesting during my visit to Hawaii

  • People assumed I was Australian due to my accent… I guess the Kiwi and Aussie accents sound similar to everyone else around the world.
  • I’d heard that Hawaiians were friendly but I wasn’t expecting just how generous, happy and helpful that literally every local I spoke to was! If I needed directions, they didn’t just point the way, they’d walk with me wherever I was going and chat with me! They even appreciated my piss poor & embarrassing efforts to say basic Hawaiian phrases and words to them.😅
  • The sheer amount of homeless people from Mainland U.S. living on and around the beaches of Waikiki. It obviously made me sad for them due to the vast amount I met, but I suppose that at least they are living in paradise.
  • No matter how much melanin my skin or any other black or brown people’s skin possess, the sun will fry you. Luckily having grown up in New Zealand where UV levels are extremely high, I brought along my sunscreen.
  • Just how ridiculously popular mai tai’s really are with everyone here. It might just be a tourist thing as most of the people I met who raved about them were tourists. I must be the only person not into these.

– Chichi Nyangoni🌺


4 thoughts on “Things That Surprised me in Hawaii👀🌴

  1. Howwhy? Surprised but happy or? Remember the wish on those thongs they once named … ” Postcards?” … “Whish you were here”? … Well I wish YOU were here and ME there!! Hawaii a paradise … for those lucky enough to be able to see … Im still at the beginning … 1st Paris … one lucky day the Pyramids? 😉


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