Four Favourite Photos from Hawaii🌴📷

Four of my favourite photographs I took in Hawaii with their descriptions below 🌴

1. A homeless man walks around Waikiki with his two parrots and for a tip, you can take some photos with them. Good on him for making a living whatever way he can💰

2. The giant banyan tree on the Kuhio Beach Park. I used to be obsessed with climbing trees as a kid back in Zimbabwe that I had to withhold myself from climbing this tree in public😩

3.I think I was in an uber when I took this photo of a man crossing the street. I’m one of those weirdos who always make up narratives in my head about literally almost every person I see or meet and I like to imagine he was going home to see his wife for lunch lols.

4. This was actually the very first photograph I took in Hawaii when I had just walked outside the airport. The warmth that hit me was so good, and the air felt so warm and fresh I won’t forget that anytime soon.

– Chichi Nyangoni🍨


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