Full Moon Woman🌙

Here is a painting I did earlier this year. It’s one of my favourites and now I suddenly feel like painting again. I love painting black women because when I was younger every museum or art gallery I’d visit only portrayed paintings of European women & I always wondered (obviously as a black child) why there weren’t more paintings of PoC let alone women of colour.

Then one summer a couple of years of ago I damaged my knee and found myself stuck indoors during summer in a knee brace. I started painting, A LOT. It was only when I started posting my paintings online and on Instagram did I discover how much people around the world really appreciate my art, which is humbling! 💛

Feel free to look at more of my art on my Instagram 💌

– Chichi Nyangoni ⭐️️

Things That Surprised me in Hawaii👀🌴

Here are 5 random things I found interesting during my visit to Hawaii

  • People assumed I was Australian due to my accent… I guess the Kiwi and Aussie accents sound similar to everyone else around the world.
  • I’d heard that Hawaiians were friendly but I wasn’t expecting just how generous, happy and helpful that literally every local I spoke to was! If I needed directions, they didn’t just point the way, they’d walk with me wherever I was going and chat with me! They even appreciated my piss poor & embarrassing efforts to say basic Hawaiian phrases and words to them.😅
  • The sheer amount of homeless people from Mainland U.S. living on and around the beaches of Waikiki. It obviously made me sad for them due to the vast amount I met, but I suppose that at least they are living in paradise.
  • No matter how much melanin my skin or any other black or brown people’s skin possess, the sun will fry you. Luckily having grown up in New Zealand where UV levels are extremely high, I brought along my sunscreen.
  • Just how ridiculously popular mai tai’s really are with everyone here. It might just be a tourist thing as most of the people I met who raved about them were tourists. I must be the only person not into these.

– Chichi Nyangoni🌺

Four Favourite Photos from Hawaii🌴📷

Four of my favourite photographs I took in Hawaii with their descriptions below 🌴

1. A homeless man walks around Waikiki with his two parrots and for a tip, you can take some photos with them. Good on him for making a living whatever way he can💰

2. The giant banyan tree on the Kuhio Beach Park. I used to be obsessed with climbing trees as a kid back in Zimbabwe that I had to withhold myself from climbing this tree in public😩

3.I think I was in an uber when I took this photo of a man crossing the street. I’m one of those weirdos who always make up narratives in my head about literally almost every person I see or meet and I like to imagine he was going home to see his wife for lunch lols.

4. This was actually the very first photograph I took in Hawaii when I had just walked outside the airport. The warmth that hit me was so good, and the air felt so warm and fresh I won’t forget that anytime soon.

– Chichi Nyangoni🍨