What To Do In Waikiki! 🌴🐠

My family and I are pretty spontaneous to the point where we never really plan an activity itinerary before our travels. But when we got to Waikiki, we realised that plans were needed in order to make the most of our few days on the South shore of Honolulu.


  • Absolutely nothing! Have a beach day full of swimming, drinking smoothies and sleeping under palm trees or umbrellas.
  • Explore a market, there are a couple in Waikiki alone, including the International Market Place and the Kuhio Beach Market
  • Enjoy the many festivals that happen in Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave all year round. These are not only incredibly beautiful, but they are also a free cultural experience
  • Watch the Kuhio Beach Hawaiian Hula Show, these Hulas which are performed on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings are free to watch right on Kuhio Beach! 
  • Shop till you drop. I couldn’t believe the fact that retail stores in Waikiki close at midnight most evenings! Some at 1am! Out of my entire US trip, shopping in Hawaii was the cheapest and best shopping I did. Try shopping along Kalakaua Ave and the Ala Moana shopping centre, be warned; this mall will take you 2 days to get through!
  • Go out for dinner or to a bar and meet other tourists and locals. I wish that I had documented some of the crazy conversations I had with people in Waikiki. It attracts people from all walks of life. 

Although this is a small list just for a few Waikiki activities, you’ll be surprised at how time flies!

Good luck everyone!

– Chichi Nyangoni



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