Welcome to Hawaii🌴🌺

Aloooha everyone! No one could’ve prepared me for how unbelievably gorgeous Hawaii is and just how much awesome and crazy stuff can happen; even within the tourist destination of Waikiki. At the end of September, my family and I spent a week in Waikiki in Honolulu and I had such an epic time even though it was way too brief. Seriously, just look at these photographs I took… I felt like I was walking through a post card or a screensaver 😂 I’m already saving up to get myself back there again next year!

With only an 8 hour flight to Oahu from Auckland, you’d think the trip would’ve been a pretty easy one. However my two siblings and I ALL FAINTED during our flight!! As our flight was around midnight during the remaining weeks of NZ’s winter, I think we were all a little too layered up and underestimated the heat you feel as you draw closer to the equator! Luckily for us the Hawaiian Airlines crew took such good care of us!!


– Chichi Nyangoni


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