Missed Opportunities

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Venus Williams vs. Daria Kataskina in Auckland.

Its January 2016 and I’ve started a blog. How unique… I set such minor goals in 2015 but accomplished so much more than I thought possible. So this year I figured, why not actively pursue my goals for 2016 as productively as I can, and they are ridiculously huge. No point having tiny goals right?

I was also sort of inspired by the tennis match I watched in Auckland on the 5th of January, where Venus Williams and Daria Kasatkina battled it out. Growing up, my parents attempted to recreate their own version of the Williams’ sisters, by enrolling my younger sister and I into tennis lessons.

Safe to say that thirteen year old me had other interests. But I still think about what could’ve happened if we kept training. I also think of several other missed opportunities in my life and I don’t think I can continue to let the fear of losing or stop me from chasing the life I need to live. Fair enough, Venus may have lost the match, but her and Serena’s legacies will always be inspirational. I can only dream of leaving such a legacy.

This year I want to travel more and speak my mind more.


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