Time is Flying⏱

The fact that MARCH is around the corner… 2017 is moving way too fast for me. I’ve been so busy adjusting to this new part of my life that it feels great to be able to come back here & just post something✨

Here’s a little summary of what I’ve been upto; I got a new job & started working right after New Years – and I’m loving it so far, despite it being in a field I was rather unfamiliar with. I’ve also FINALLY finished my second degree and graduate in April, and planning a few trips & art/design related projects, so I’m really looking forward to this new season of my life🌍

It’s going to be great year, but with everything going on I need to find a way to ground myself & focus on everything I want to accomplish this year because time waits for no one & I have a whole lot to do.

– Chichi🌱

Full Moon Woman🌙

Here is a painting I did earlier this year. It’s one of my favourites and now I suddenly feel like painting again. I love painting black women because when I was younger every museum or art gallery I’d visit only portrayed paintings of European women & I always wondered (obviously as a black child) why there weren’t more paintings of PoC let alone women of colour.

Then one summer a couple of years of ago I damaged my knee and found myself stuck indoors during summer in a knee brace. I started painting, A LOT. It was only when I started posting my paintings online and on Instagram did I discover how much people around the world really appreciate my art, which is humbling! 💛

Feel free to look at more of my art on my Instagram 💌

– Chichi Nyangoni ⭐️️