Finish Line 👩🏾‍🎓🎓✨

So I finally graduated from university!!! What an expensive couple of years it’s been…

This turned out to be one of the most special days of my life, even though I really wasn’t expecting it to be, I actually wanted to go to work that morning. I’m glad I decided to do the ceremony, instead of just ordering my certificate – the look on my cute lil parents faces made my day haha. 


Sending positive study vibes to anyone reading this who is still studying; may as well finish your degrees because you’ll still have that debt to pay lol✨

Time is Flying⏱

The fact that MARCH is around the corner… 2017 is moving way too fast for me. I’ve been so busy adjusting to this new part of my life that it feels great to be able to come back here & just post something✨

Here’s a little summary of what I’ve been upto; I got a new job & started working right after New Years – and I’m loving it so far, despite it being in a field I was rather unfamiliar with. I’ve also FINALLY finished my second degree and graduate in April, and planning a few trips & art/design related projects, so I’m really looking forward to this new season of my life🌍

It’s going to be great year, but with everything going on I need to find a way to ground myself & focus on everything I want to accomplish this year because time waits for no one & I have a whole lot to do.

– Chichi🌱